Welcome to SS Biochem India

SS Biochem India Private Limited, a company is engaged in manufacture of herbal extracts and plant derivatives. The main object of the company is to manufacture natural products for the organic farming, veterinary and health care sector.

The company has successfully extracted Neem kernel extract with the concentration of Azadirachtin up to 25 % w/w from neem kernels. Apart from neem derivatives plant part extracts and whole plant extract has been extracted with good results.

The other products processed so far is the leaf extracts of botanical species – Adathoda vasica, Andrographis, Vitex Negundo, Nerium Oleander, Lantana Camara that finds use as agricultural bio-inputs and natural medicine application.

Presently the demand for natural health care and cosmetics products are growing fast in India. Further lot of export houses and manufacturers of various precuts using herbal extracts are prepared to offer job work for the extraction of herbals at good rate.